Hip pain can be such a troublesome condition that we often experience. Sometimes, when we exert too much stress to our hips, the hip bone and hip joint could be traumatized. The hip bone and joints are constantly at work everyday. Even when we perform the simplest physical activities such as walking, sitting and running, we use our hip bone and joints. We can perform various movements thanks to our hip joints. When irreparable injury to the hip is experienced, an invasive and long-term surgical management may be needed such as a hip replacement operation. It is important that the hip replacement device to use in the operation is well-researched and is developed considerably. In Warsaw, Indiana, a hip research employed by DePuy Orthopaedics Inc. is ongoing.

Hip pain can be a sign that there is trauma to the hip joint or the hip bone. Pain can be a good indicator of an injury. The femoral head, the acetabulum and the supporting structures such as the cartilage, ligaments, synovial sac, synovial fluid and other parts of the hip bone and joint could be injured if there is the sensation of pain on the hips. Wearing and tearing could occur when mechanical force is exerted to the hip or when the hip joint suffers strain when a person perform strenuous activities. Other than this, disease process either acquired at birth or progressive and chronic in nature may be the cause of an inflammatory process affecting the joints. You can observe that the experience of an pain has the following attributes inflammation, warmth, redness, loss of function, as well as swelling.

As mentioned above, the parts of the pelvic bone can be traumatized easily and usually pain is experienced when the minute parts are severed. As in the case of synovitis or inflammation of the synovial space, pain is felt when there is an accumulation of blood or excess production of the synovial fluid. The pain sensation is felt due to the stretching of the synovial capsule surrounding the articular joint. Another cause of pain is the gradual wear and tear of any part of the body brought by old age. Another possible cause of hip pain is muscle and neural injury. The pain experienced may pinpoint the location of the injury or maybe it is a referred pain. Looking into the case of sciatic nerve injury, the pain felt is referred pain since the location of the nerve is at the back, on the L1 and L2 nerve roots.

Nevertheless, hip injury and hip pain may not coincide with one another since the subjective account is considered as nonspecific. There are various hip diseases such as osteoarthritis and other forms of arthritis known to cause pain of the hips. For serious conditions of the hip, the consulting doctor may advise the patient to have a hip replacement procedure. With the issuance of a DePuy hip replacement recall, defective hip implants are taken out of the market and affected recipients of the device can receive the needed treatment while the company shoulders the expenses. There are other sites you can look into if you want to learn more about this.